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Meer we doen er verder niets mee maar deze melding is verplicht :D

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De nieuwsbrief van de Europese Federatie voor Speleologie van december 2019 is gepubliceerd.

Je kunt deze hier downloaden: http://www.eurospeleo.eu/images/stories/docs/europeleo-news/Newsletter_December_2019_English.pdf

In de nieuwsbrief: 

- verandering in de regels voor EuroSpeleo projecten

- prijswinnaar van het EuroSpeleo Protection Label 2019

- EuroSpeleo project: Jama Nedam in Croatië, nu de 4e diepste grot in dat land

- 6th EuroSpeleo Cave Protection Symposium in Duitsland

O.a. met een bijdrage van Laurens Smets over zijn  "Volcanic Cave Inventory Project of Lanzarote".
en een artikel van  Michael Laumans over Lava caves in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces (NE China)

Dear friends from Netherlands, UIS member country,

We are glad to share with you the Volume 60-2 of the UIS Bulletin.

The PDF Interactive format can be downloaded by clicking on the link:


The 74 pages of this issue bring the following topics:

Editorial: “Facing the future while living the present

The President’s Column: “You are the UIS”

International Year of Caves and Karst - A Call to Action

The International Standardization of Karst Research and Management

Report of Activities 2018 – UIS Commission on History of Speleology

18th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology

UIS Supported the Meeting “125 Years of Das Karstphänomen”

Innovation in Show Cave Management: The 2018 ISCA Congress

12th Balkan Caver’s Camp 2018 

The France Habe Prize 2019 Regulations

Research on the 60 years of UIS history

The UIS through the pins

Cave rescue in Thailand 2018: details of the operation 

In Mexico, a big train project poses risks to cave systems

Minutes UIS Bureau Meeting 2018 - Ebensee, Austria 

Andy Eavis (UK), UIS Past President, is awarded in Malaysia

In Memoriam: Jeanne Marie Gurnee (USA)

In Memoriam: John Robert Holsinger (USA)

Brazilian Guidebook awarded by the UIS Prizes 2017 is launched in English

Brazilian Congresses of Speleology - 15 issues available on line

Calendar of Events 2019-2021

18th International Congress of Speleology/2021 - Offical Poster available

UIS Bureau 2017/2021

List of Member Nations

Annual Contributions and Bank Account  

We will appreciate very much your comments and suggestions in order to improve upcoming issues.

Please send it to the whole speleological community in your country and to your entire contact list.  

Previous issues are also available by clicking on the link:


Visit the UIS Website


Best regards


Editor of the UIS Bulletin

Adjunct Secretary (Brazil)

UIS-Union Internationale de Spéléologie

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Boulderhal Energiehaven, Elektronweg 10A, 3542 AC Utrecht

Boulderhal Energiehaven, Elektronweg 10A, 3542 AC Utrecht

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