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24th International karstological school “Classical karst”: Paleokarst

maandag 13 juni 2016 08:00 - vrijdag 17 juni 2016 18:00
Titov trg 2
6230 Postojna, Slovenië
Each year since 1993, International Karstological School (IKS) has been organised, covering many aspects of karst research. The basic idea of the School is to present the state of the art in selected topic and promote discussion between participants via set of lectures, poster sessions and related field trips to the area of Slovene Classical karst.
This year, the School will be primary focused on paleokarst. Paleokarst studies could contribute to better understanding of some metal and non-metal ore deposits, aquifers, reservoirs, eustatic vs. tectonic changing of relative sea-level, past climate, geotectonics etc. Thus, to investigate and understand paleokarst, knowledge of a wide range of scientific disciplines, like karstology, sedimentology, stratigraphy, hydrogeology, structural geology, geotectonics, pedology, climatology etc., should be considered.
We invite all speleologists, karstologists, experts and young scientists, students, cavers and all persons attracted by caves and (paleo)karst to participate at this School.
Among others, the participants will get answers to the following questions:
•What is paleokarst;
•When, where and conditions under which karst became paleokarst;
•What is the preservation potential of karst/paleokarst;
•Why paleokarst studies are important in sequence stratigraphy (stratigraphic hierarchy of paleokarst);
•How to differentiate geotectonically from eustatically induced paleokarst;
•What are differences among paleokarsts developed under different climatic conditions;
•Which metallic and non-metallic resources are related to paleokarst;
•Are there any typical mineralogical, isotopic and geochemical signatures of paleokarst deposits and its host-rock;
•How to differentiate paleokarst from other unconformities in carbonate strata.
Topics that will be covered:
•paleokarst (hydrogeology, chemistry, geology and forms);
•similarities and distinctions between paleokarst and karstic or non-karstic features that are commonly misinterpreted as paleokarst;
•metallic and non-metallic resources related to paleokarst;
•paleokarst as a sequence boundary.
All information on: http://iks.zrc-sazu.si/en/

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