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SpeoArta - Speleological Art Festival

donderdag 4 mei 2017 08:00 - zondag 7 mei 2017 14:00
Blaj 515400, Roemenië

At its XXXV edition the Speoarta festival gathers cavers and artists showing through photography and film the silent and wonderful of caves.

The festival will be organized with themed contests, exhibitions, workshops, outdoor trips, exploring underground and many other activities to attract young people to practice all this.

After three successful editions and a long break in 2016 Speoarta returned to Blaj and the caving club Polaris, a club with tradition in Romania that had an important role in exploring the Romanian karst .

Between 4 and 7 May 2017, the city will be host for 4 days for cavers and nature lovers.

All information at: http://speo-arta.ro/


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