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We are nuts, crazy, addicted to caving and other strange things that most people hate and loathe

Expedition 2011

Sjoerd van der SchuitSjoerd

Sjoerd (1955) is head of the expedition; For him this is his second big expedition. In 2003 he performed a very successful caving expedition in Madagascar. He is an experienced caver and mountaineer.

Arjan van WaardenburgArjan

Arjan (1953) is responsible for logistics and equipment in this expedition. He is an experienced caver and mountaineer. He has participated in climbing expedition to K2 in the Himalaya.

Bert TindemansBert

Bert (1982) has made al the plans for the flight in between trainings and transport. He has visited Africa several times and is an experienced caver.

Clive WardClive

Clive (1944) has climbed Kilimanjaro several times and found some tubes on Mawensi. He has been on climbing expeditions to many of the world’s remote places and has been involved in many first ascents.

Gadiel MajevuGadiel

Gadiel has been our guide during this expedition and has guided Clive several times too. He visted summit over 100 times. Besides a professional mountain guide he realy has cavers blood!