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8th Congress of the International Show Caves Association ISCA

vrijdag 12 oktober 2018 08:00 - donderdag 18 oktober 2018 18:00
Via Gentile da Fabriano, 3
60044 Fabriano AN, Italië

8th Congress of the International Show Caves Association ISCA

We are very delighted to welcome you in Italy for the “8th ISCA CONGRESS 2018 – FRASASSI-GENGA: A PLACE ISCA CALLS HOME” taking place in Frasassi - Genga / Fabriano from Friday, October 12th to Thursday, October 18th.

The municipality of Frasassi - Genga is famous all around the world for the beautiful Frasassi Caves, all the underground caves are in the Regional Natural Park of Gola della Rossa in Marche Region, rich in water, the cave system is particularly well decorated with stalactites and stalagmites.

The congress will be held in the historical theater “Gentile da Fabriano” and the theme will be “Innovation in Show Cave Management”. A variety of presentations on this theme will be scheduled throughout the Congress.

All information at the ISCA website: http://www.i-s-c-a.com/event/68-8th-isca-congress
Or in the Pdf flyer at: http://www.i-s-c-a.com/documentloader.php?id=960&filename=isca-congress-invitation-registration-form.pdf


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  • Van vrijdag 12 oktober 2018 08:00 tot donderdag 18 oktober 2018 18:00
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