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Het nieuwe UIS Bulletin, nr. 64-1 van juni 2022 is verschenen en hier te downloaden als pdf: http://uis-speleo.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/uisb641.pdf

De 50 pagina's van deze uitgave hebben de volgende artikelen:

  • Editorial: UIS Bulletin: The Last Five Years and Plans for the Years Ahead
  • The President’s Column: An Ending and a Beginning
  • Welcome message of the 18th International Congress of Speleology
  • The Cave Time Capsule 2091 Project: Call to all countries
  • The Closing Months of the UIS International Year of Caves and Karst
  • 36th Brazilian Congress of Speleology dedicated to the IYCK
  • Country Delegations at the UIS Congresses: A Brief Retrospective
  • Cave Data Sharing Guidelines - A new UIS Project
  • Report of Activities 2018-2022 - Materials and Techniques Commission
  • Report of Activities 2017-2022 - Cave Diving Commission
  • New Caves Found by Remote Location of Caves
  • Cave and Karst Legal Status Wordwide Assessment
  • France Habe Prize: 2021 Winner
  • EU Nature Protection Award 2021 goes to German Speleological Federation
  • Mladen Garašić, UIS Bureau Member, is double honored
  • Speleology Present at UN Conferences in Geneve, Nairobi, and Stockholm
  • Endangered Kenyan Coastal Karst Caves

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